Six-a-side fun day. Sunday 9 August

Photo shows this year’s winners – the Wuffam Wavers

Everyone had a great time at this year’s six-a-side tournament held at The Langley on Sunday 9 August. There were eight teams split into two groups: The Six Offenders (Henry’s Team), The Gerri Hattricks (over 40s), Dads and lads (Dick), The Nomads?, Wuffam Wavers (Jack B), Kiss my Chaminda Vaas (Danny’s mob), Fullerlulus (Rob Fuller’s team) and Batgirls and Robin (Lydia’s team). Each team batted for 5 overs per game with each player bowling one over. The winners were Jack B’s Wuffam Waverers, and the Fullerlulus picked up the Plate for best of the losers. Highlights of the day included Cashy hitting Andrew Whistler’s one over for 34 – one 4 and 5 sixes – don’t think Whistles will bowl again for a while! Pascal attempted a catch in front of the pavilion, one handed with a pint in the other, absolute disaster. He dropped the catch, spilt the pint all over himself, pushed the ball over the boundary for a 6 and cut his lip!! And Rob Fuller has blotted his copybook with Leanne after hitting her for 6 so a bit of domestic work for him to do at home now… Here’s some more pics…

Dick Culling

IMG_6853 IMG_6852 IMG_6851

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