Cricket Force this weekend!


With 30 days until the 1st game there’s plenty of things that need doing. This weekend is Cricket Force. This is a big thing for the club and it’s essential that we get plenty of hands up the ground to get all the jobs done, nets up, covers covered, grass cut, pavilion cleaned and any other jobs that need doing. I have had several people say they are working Saturday, but don’t fear, people will be there Sunday too so no excuse not to give a little time over your weekend for your club!
We have scissor lifts coming up at 8am until 11am on Saturday, this will make putting up the nets much simpler, if we have enough people there to help. Please make the effort to attend. If we get the nets up, we will begin outside practice on the 7th. We have a couple of new players and a potential new player who will be in attendance so again please try your best to get up to the club and get ready for the season.

Finally, we have the Race night on April 23rd at the club, it’ll be Dan Constables first Garby Function experience so would be good to have a packed clubhouse to ensure that its a great night and a good welcome for our Aussie Import. For more information or for tickets/horses/race sponsorship speak to the chairman.

Not long until the start of a massive season for this club but before then we need everyone’s help to ensure that all is ready for it. Thanks all.

Danny Cash, Club Captain