James Worby

James Worby
Batting position?
3 or 4
Bowling style?
Right Arm Pies
GCC Top score?
GCC Best bowling figures?
5 for 10
Cricket idol?
Botham & Flintoff
Dream woman?
Nicola Worby
T20 Entrance music?
Living on a prayer
Fave away ground?
Best GCC Memory?
Man of match in Carter Cup final
What bat do you use?
Newbury Mjolnir

Team mate who is the….
James Shepherd or Luke Rackham
Most boring?
Sam Baker
Most annoying?
Jack Stevenson
Biggest charmer?
Used to be Danny Cash before he turned religious
Most likely to win game from a no win situation?
Me back in the day, Kieran Pask now
Longest in the shower?
Tom Davey
Most likely to end up on the news?
Luke Rackham or Will Goulding
For what reason?