Website editor(s) needed

Our website editor Nick Paul is keen to hand over the running of the club website to other club members. Nick has put the website together for the last three years but because of other commitments (which include helping Andy Smith with the groundwork each week), Nick is ready to pass the job on to someone else or to a couple of people. So if there are any club members who are interested and have the time, and ideally a level of knowledge in this area (although it’s not essential), to contact any member of the committee to express an interest.

Nick said, “It’s been great fun to do but I feel it’s time to let someone else have a bash at it. The site is put together in WordPress which is dead easy to use and I’m very happy to show someone, or a couple of people, how to do it. Alternatively the club could even go for a new website design or even just use the ECB garboldisham.play-cricket.com website which has lots of scope for adding pictures and match reports and so on.”

1st team player, Rob Fuller has already expressed an interest but he would like to do it in conjunction with another person.