Two dates for the diary

Dates for your diary from Danny Cash

June 10th: Curry Night. Janet Worby has kindly offered her culinary services to provide us with some delicious curries to wash down with plenty of beer! The 2s haven’t got a game that day so be a good time to get the club together for an evening of good food, good company and good beer!

July 1st: Race Night
We didn’t have one at the start of the year and with the 1st team having a free Saturday we will be putting together a race night. Tickets will be £5 and we have 42 horses to sell at £5 a piece. If we can get 8 race sponsors at £25 a race too it should help to make the club some good money as well as everyone having a good night. If you’re interested and want to buy a horse or sponsor a race please let me know. 

Both have potential to be cracking nights, we just need the backing of club members to make them a success.